Visual Studio .NET Tag

NET.GELINK 3.0 Release

INGEAR.NET.GELINK has been updated to version 3.0 and contains the following improvements: Updated licensing DLL for stable operations on Windows 7 and x64 Updated install set for Visual Studio 2010 Stricter enforcement of Tag.Name property Updated INGEAR.NET.Interface.dll Improved COM Interop wrapper DLL VB 6 Data...

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NET.LOGIX build 3.0.2010.729

INGEAR.NET.LOGIX 3.0.2010.729 maintenance release is available for download.   This build corrects the follow problems: Fixes problem with writing UDT with new instance of  Tag class. Fixes problem with TagGroup reading arrayed tags NET.LOGIX is an easy to use Visual Studio .NET class library for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix...

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NET.LOGIX v2.0.2010.324 Maintenance Update

INGEAR.NET.LOGIX v.2.0.2010.324 maintenance release available for download.  This version corrects the following problems: Fixed "Invalid Tag.Name" exception from being thrown when a name contains a colon ":" character.  (e.g. Tag.Name = "Program:MyProgram.MyTag") Fixed "Invalid Tag.Name" exception from being thrown if a numeric character followed the colon ":"...

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