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NET.GELINK 3.0 Release

INGEAR.NET.GELINK has been updated to version 3.0 and contains the following improvements: Updated licensing DLL for stable operations on Windows 7 and x64 Updated install set for Visual Studio 2010 Stricter enforcement of Tag.Name property Updated INGEAR.NET.Interface.dll Improved COM Interop wrapper DLL VB 6 Data...

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INGEAR.NET PLC class libraries now include free ASP .NET web service licensing

Sept. 22, 2009.  Phoenixville, PA - CimQuest INGEAR, a leading global developer and publisher of PLC HMI and PLC communications software tools for Visual Studio.NET programmers has announced the release of INGEAR.NET v2 class libraries.  INGEAR.NET v2 HMI software includes numerous under-the-hood optimizations and...

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INGEAR.NET. LOGIX Simultaneous Connections and Limitations for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix

We had a question come to us asking if there INGEAR.NET.LOGIX had connection limitations for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix processors. Basically, the INGEAR.NET.LOGIX  for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix / CompactLogix (or any of the INGEAR.NET class libraries), do not restrict or limit in any way, the number of simultaneous connections...

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