Rockwell Automation Statement

Rockwell Automation Statement

We recently received an email from a long time user stating the following:

..Rockwell Automation has submitted a statement to us that we are not allowed to use Direct Memory Access on Firmwares below 21. On Firmwares above 21, DMA is blocked and a new protocol (Symbol Instance ID) is created. We need to ensure that your ActiveX control is not using DMA to comply with Rockwell Automation’s statement…

We’ve heard this from other INGEAR customers over the years, and our response has always been the same…

No INGEAR  communication driver for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix/CompactLogix use Direct Memory addressing. Our driver implements symbolic mode access where each tag address is referenced by its ASCII character name. This is same method used by the MSG instruction in the PLC which guarantees compatibility regardless of Rockwell’s Firmware Revision.  For example the MSG instruction allows a FRN 13 ControlLogix to communicate to a newer FRN 24 ControlLogix.  You can rest assure that your  INGEAR NET.LOGIX, will continue to work with current FRN.

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