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.NET Products

Net.LOGIX 6.0


Visual Studio .NET managed code class library for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix / CompactLogix and Micro 800 series programmable automation controllers.

Net.ABLINK 6.0


Visual Studio .NET managed code class library for Allen-Bradley MicroLogix / SLC500 and PLC-5 programmable automation controllers.

New! – NET.S7LINK 3.0

Fast read/write operation to Siemens S7 Ethernet 200, 300, 400, 1200, 1500 & ET200S PLC’s.   Includes S7Server class to receive unsolicited messages from S7 300,400,1200& 1500 using GET/PUT function blocks.



Runtime free Visual Studio .NET and VB 6.0 class library for GE SRTP Ethernet controllers.



Visual Studio .NET all-in-one class library for MODBUS Server/Slave and Master operation.

OPC Servers

ActiveX Controls

Allen-Bradley ActiveX Studio

Allen-Bradley ActiveX Studio

Visual Basic 6.0 Active X / OCX control for Allen-Bradley controllers. Supports ControlLogix / CompactLogix / MicroLogix / SLC / PLC. Includes Ethernet / DH+ / DH-485 / Serial DF1 drivers. Does not require RSLinx or third party software.