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NET.MBLINK is a Modbus .NET driver for Visual Studio .NET and The newest version features both Modbus TCP slave and server in one runtime free library. Support Modbus TCP/IP and Serial (RTU & ASCII).

NET.MBLINK supports the following communication transports:
  • TCP/IP Master, TCP/IP Server (Slave)
  • Serial RTU Master
  • Serial ASCII Master
  • Serial over Ethernet RTU Master
  • Serial over Ethernet ASCII Master
Supported Languages and Tools
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005- 2022 (all editions)
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 7 - 11
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded
Supported Microsoft .NET Frameworks
  • Version 2.0, Version 3.x, Version 4.x
Supported Virtual Hosts
  • Microsoft Virtual PC
  • VMWare
  • VirtualBox
NET.MBLINK automatically executes the appropriate MODBUS function code based on:
  • Reference Address
  • Read / Write operation
  • Data Type
  • Number of Data Items
  • ModbusServer class supports virtually all MODBUS functions
Modbus Master & Slave Operation
  • FNC 01 - Reads ON/OFF Status of discrete outputs (0X references, coils)
  • FNC 02 - Reads ON/OFF Status of discrete inputs (1X references, coils)
  • FNC 03 - Reads contents of status of holding registers (4X references, coils)
  • FNC 04 - Reads contents of status of input registers (1X references, coils)
  • FNC 05 - Writes ON/OFF state to (0X reference) in the slave device
  • FNC 06 - Write contents to (4X reference) in the slave device
  • FNC 15 - Writes ON/OFF states to a consecutive sequence of (0X references)
  • FNC 16 - Writes 16-bit contents  to a consecutive sequence of (4X references)
  • FNC 20 - Performs a file record read operation (6x references)
  • FNC 21 - Performs a file record write operation (6x references)
  • FNC 22 - Writes ON/OFF state of an individual bit within a (4X reference)
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