Optional USB Dongle

INGEAR USB License Key

The USB License Key (“Dongle”) provides the utmost ease of use and flexibility for moving your INGEAR.NET developers license between computers. The USB Key License is offered as an option for the Developer Edition of NET.LOGIX, NET.ABLINK, NET.S7LINK, NET.MBLINK, and NET.GELINK. The USB License Key option provides the following features and benefits.

INGEAR USB License Dongle

  • Small, compact and non-intrusive
  • Dongle firmware license(s) for the INGEAR software titles you’ve purchased. Does not require moving license to / from key.
  • Plug into any available USB port for immediate software use
  • Modify and debug runtime deployed applications without registering or activating software-based license
  • Does not require system-level drivers or services for operation
  • Single key supports multiple INGEAR software titles
  • INGEAR.NET firmware licenses can be added or upgraded via email
  • Firmware licenses can be backed up and restored
  • Supports Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.
  • For additional information see FAQ’s below

The USB Key adds an “either/or” license dimension to your INGEAR software. The INGEAR component attempts to locate the key first. If detected, the software-based license is ignored, regardless whether the software-based license is developer or runtime deployment. If the key is not detected, the INGEAR component defaults to the software-base license. The key does not support INGEAR.NET Compact Framework Editions. The INGEAR USB License Key is available exclusively through INGEARdrivers.com.

USB License Key with New Purchase

The USB License Key can be included with the purchase of a new license plus the cost of the key. You can include other INGEAR software licenses on the same key without purchasing additional USB keys.

USB License Key Qualified Upgrade

INGEAR users eligible for software updates and support (either through a recent purchase or an active Maintenance/Subscription plan) qualify to obtain the USB License Key for the cost of the key.

How to Purchase USB License Key Upgrades

  • Contact our sales desk 8:30AM – 5:30PM Mon-Fri Eastern Time US
  • Provide the following information (available from INGEAR License Manager)
    • INGEAR Software Title
    • Company/Organization Name
    • User Name
    • Serial Number
    • Order Number


Q – Can I still use the software-based activations?

A – Yes. The key is an option for the Developers Edition. It is not required for operation. You will still receive (2) software activations to use along with the key.

Q – Can I share my key with other developers?

A – No. Each developer must have their own key. Discounts are available additional developer licenses and keys.

Q – Can I get a replacement if I lost my key?

A – Yes. Keys can be replaced with proof of ownership (i.e order number or serial number). If you have a current support/maintenance subscription, the replacement fee is the cost of an additional developers license plus the cost of the key. If the support/maintenance is expired the replacement will be at full value price plus the cost of the key. If you choose not replace the key you still have software-based registration and activations.

Q – Do I need a key to use INGEAR software that I download?

A – No. The key is optional. The software-based registration/activation is always available.

Q – Is the key available for Single Edition Licenses?

A – No. The key is offered for Developer Edition licenses only

Q – Can I add or update INGEAR licenses that I’ve purchased to my key at a later date?

A – Yes. Users can add or update license(s) to their existing key only while their license(s) are eligible for support. Key firmware is updated via email files. After you receive the firmware update file click Start | Programs | INGEAR.NET | Tools | USB Tool to begin the update. The key is updated in 15 seconds or less.

Q – Can I update my key firmware from another users key firmware update?

A – No. Update firmware files are key specific. Update firmware files are intended for one key will not work with other keys.

Q – What INGEAR software versions support the key?

A – Key support is available for these and future versions

  • NET.LOGIX (2.0.2009.1119)
  • NET.ABLINK (2.1.2009.1126)
  • NET.S7LINK (1.2.2011.1116)
  • NET.MBLINK (2.1.2009.1207)
  • NET.GELINK (2.0.2009.1116)

Q – Does the key support Windows 64-bit operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11

A – Yes. The key has been tested on 64-bit operating systems and does not require any special drivers or system services.

Q – Can I use the key to modify and debug deployed runtime applications on my customers machines?

A – Yes. As long as the application is using a version of software that supports the USB License, Insert the key into any available USB port to enable development rights without the need to install or register a developers license. When you’ve finished your work, remove the key to revert back to runtime operation.

Q – Can I purchase keys through my reseller?

A – Yes. However, resellers do not stock keys. All keys are programmed in our offices before being shipped. We’ll offer to ship the key to the reseller which then can be sent to you, or the reseller can arrange to have the key shipped directly to you.

Q – Does the key support any other software titles offered on ingeardrivers.com?

A – No. At this time only Developers Edition of NET.LOGIX, NET.ABLINK, NET.S7LINK, NET.MBLINK, and NET.GELINK support the USB License Key. CoreLogix, S7Core, Compact Framework and Win10 IoT Core Editions of INGEAR.NET are not supported by the key.

Q – Is there a warranty with the USB key?

A – The USB Key has a 90 day limited warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. At its option, CimQuest INGEAR will replace a key with a new or refurbished key.

The limited warranty does not cover damages from abuse or mishandling.