New features in .NET ModelKit for Visual Studio Data Visualization

New features in .NET ModelKit for Visual Studio Data Visualization

Instrumentation ModelKit from INGEAR

Instrumentation ModelKit from INGEAR

A new version of the dashboard components package for creating data visualization systems that stands out for it’s advanced abilities and features.

Instrumentation ModelKit – a component for gauges and digital dashboards creation.   A new NavigateUrl property allows the addition of hyperlink to any element.  Now, you can pass to any external reference just clicking the control.

.Net ModelKit Suite includes errors and shortcomings fixes which make the work with the product more convenient and effective.

Instrumentation ModelKit contains over 130 pre-defined instruments  and dashboard controls such as

  • Meters
  • Knobs
  • Dials
  • Indicators
  • Switches and more

Instrumentation ModelKit also includes a designer that allows you to create your own unique instruments from scratch with a few mouse clicks.

Instrumentation ModelKit is is part of .NET Dashboard Suit and is available in the follow editions

  • Windows Form Edition
  • Web Forms Edition
  • Windows and Web Forms Edition
  • Professional Edition ( includes full source code )

Create your corporate reporting and data visualization system with .Net ModelKit Suite.

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