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INGEAR PLC Drivers for Visual Studio .NET

Large corporations to small companies world-wide significantly reduced their software costs by eliminating runtime license fees using INGEAR NET drivers and communication tools and Visual Studio .NET.

Unlike OPC, which is a middleware application that presents complex and challenging application developement for .NET programmers. INGEAR.NET is an embedded class library that provides a direct communications pipeline to the controller, making it extremely fast and easy to talk to your PLC without the software overhead or recurring costs of OPC servers.

Purchase a one-time Developers edition license and distribute your SCADA, HMI and Data Acquisition programs runtime free.

Applications developed with INGEAR.NET can run on any Windows machine from XP to Windows 10 (32 & 64-bit) including Windows Server & Windows Embedded.  We also offer versions for Universal Windows for Win10 IoT devices, Compact Framework for mobile devices, & Mono Framework for Linux..  Develop any type of applications, system & web services for virtual any industry.


NET.LOGIX  provides a direct communication pipeline from Visual Studio.NET to Allen-Bradley series without OPC servers or RSLinx. Fast, powerful and easy to use runtime-free solution for Allen-Bradley.
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Updated! – CoreLogix 2023

INGEAR CoreLogix 2023  provides a direct communication pipeline for all your .NET applications targeting Windows, Linux, & macOS platforms to Allen-Bradley PAC’s from a single library.
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Net.ABLINK 6.0


NET.ABLINK is a factory-floor device communications software delivering fast communications without the need for open process control (OPC) servers. PLC .NET driver for Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, SLC and PLC-5.
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NET.S7LINK 4.0 is a fast, powerful, easy-to-use, runtime free solution for Siemens S7 Ethernet PLC’s.   rivers for Visual Studio .NET. NET.S7LINK supports Master-Client for polled read/write as well as Server-Slave for unsolicited read/write operations. You can even test your program without PLC.
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NET.GELINK is a fast, powerful, easy-to-use run time-free solution for GE-FANUC class libraries for Visual Studio .NET
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NET.MBLINK is a Modbus .NET driver for Visual Studio .NET and ASP.net. The newest version features Modbus TCP slave/server.
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