NET.LOGIX v3.0 release scheduled for 2Q 2010

NET.LOGIX v3.0 release scheduled for 2Q 2010

INGEAR.NET.LOGIX v3.0 scheduled for release  in 2Q 2010.

Some of the new features packed into NET.LOGIX v3.0 include:

NEW – Logix.PeerMessage class for Unsolicited Messages

The Logix.PeerMessage class handles communications in the background and fires a MsgReceived event notification when the PLC sends data via MSG instructions.  NET.LOGIX v3.0 supports 3 types of messages.

  • CIP Data Table Write
    • Uses native tag addressing
    • Supports BOOL, SINT, INT, DINT, REAL, STRING, UDT, PDT and MDT data types
  • SLC Typed Write
    • Supports MicroLogix and SLC (Ethernet IP) controllers
    • Supports I, O, B, N, S, F, A, L and ST data table files
  • PLC-Type Write
    • Supports PLC-5 (Ethernet IP) controllers.
    • Supports I, O, B, N, S, F, A and ST data table files

The PeerMessage class automatically distinguishes between the 3 MSG types so there’s no special programming required on your end.   When the PLC sends you a message you’ll received a notification event, then just access message information through PeerMessage class members.

PeerMessage Class Members

Constructor Description
  • PeerMessage()
Creates instance of the PeerMessage class
Properties Data Type Description
  • IPSender
String IP Address of sending PLC
  • Value
Object Data value(s) received
  • DataType
TypeCode Type of data values received
  • Length
Int32 Number of data values received
  • Timestamp
DateTime Timestamp when message was receivedq
  • IPAddressNIC
String Allows specific Network Interface Card(s) on your PC to receive data
  • Connections
Int32 Number of request for connections from PLCs’ (1-128)
Methods Description
  • Listen()
Begins background processing for unsolicited messagesq
  • Shutdown()
Terminates and closes all active connections.
Events Description
  • MsgReceived
Fires when message is received

NEW – Logix.DTEncoding Class for Defined Data Type Support

NET.LOGIX v3.0 also adds support for User-Defined Types (UDT’s), Pre-Defined Types (PDT’s) and Module Define Types (MDT’s).

The Logix.DTEncoding class facilitates reading and writing structured data types as blocks without having to read/write each ATOMIC member individually.

Defined Data Types is supported by the PeerMessage class as well.

For more information when on NET.LOGIX 3.0 please contact us at 610.935.8282 or email

> Download NET.LOGIX 2.0

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