NET.GELINK (3.0.2010.1222) addresses GE 9070/9030 firmware bug

NET.GELINK (3.0.2010.1222) addresses GE 9070/9030 firmware bug

When using a Windows 7 machine to communicate to a GE 9070 or 9030 results in the PLC immediately resetting the socket connect.  This is because Windows 7 may assign the local endpoint IP Port number larger than 32767.   The firmware on the GE Ethernet module will immediately reset the connection if the source IP port is larger than 32767.

The behavior is limited to 9030/9070 and Windows 7.  The PAC Rx3i and Rx7i can receive source IP ports larger than 32767. Windows versions before Windows 7 typically assign port numbers less than 32767.

As a workaround for the 9030/9070 firmware bug, INGEAR.NET.GELINK 3.0.2010.1222 Controller.IPAddress has the option to allow users to bind a specific port number to the local endpoint.  Users are responsible for port assignment and port management.

Syntax: Controller.IPAddress = ipaddress<:portnum>

Example: Controller.IPAddress = “”

This will connect to the PLC at and use IP Port 2455 in the local end point.

> Download NET.GELINK

INGEAR.NET.GELINK is a Visual Studio .NET class library for communicating to GE-Fanuc PAC Rx3i/Rx7i, Series 9030/9070 and VersaMax programmable logic controllers using the SRTP Ethernet protocol.

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