NET.ABLINK 5.0 Release

NET.ABLINK 5.0 Release

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania — September 15, 2014.  CimQuest INGEAR, a leading publisher of software development solutions for industrial applications, has introduced a new version of its NET.ABLINK software.   NET.ABLINK v5.0 is a plug-in library that provides direct communication access to Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, SLC and PLC-5 families of programmable logic controllers for Visual Studio .NET developers without the need for RSLinx or OPC Servers.  The NET.ABLINK software encapsulates PLC communication and data access commands into a set of streamlined classes which are simple and easy to use requiring the programmer have only minimal PLC knowledge.

The new version, NET.ABLINK v5.0, allows programmers to upload the tag list stored in PLC memory then browse for data items of interest.  NET.ABLINK v5.0’s browsing capability lets programmers easily integrate data items into their application-specific solutions for industrial HMI and SCADA for immediate use.  Additionally, NET.ABLINK v5.0 adds the ability to query the operational and error states of the PLC which can be incorporated in to performance or maintenance logs by custom the application

Using NET.ABLINK with Visual Studio .NET allows developers to create custom applications that connect the factory floor to PC’s, servers and business systems.   INGEAR’s runtime free licensing model allows distribution of custom application without additional cost for deployment.

NET.ABLINK v5.0 is available for immediate download and is a free upgrade for qualified NET.ABLINK v4.0 users.

Download NET.ABLINK v5.0:

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