INGEAR.NET PLC class libraries now include free ASP .NET web service licensing

INGEAR.NET PLC class libraries now include free ASP .NET web service licensing

Sept. 22, 2009.  Phoenixville, PA – CimQuest INGEAR, a leading global developer and publisher of PLC HMI and PLC communications software tools for Visual Studio.NET programmers has announced the release of INGEAR.NET v2 class libraries.  INGEAR.NET v2 HMI software includes numerous under-the-hood optimizations and improvements, along with runtime free web service licensing for ASP.NET deployments to the Developers Edition.

INGEAR.NET software libraries are callable Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs), which are added as references to any Visual Studio.NET project.  They are easy-to-use classes that eliminate need for OPC servers, and complex coding required for interfacing to OPC completely.  INGEAR.NET libraries gives any Visual Studio.NET project a direct communication pipeline to PLC’s and other controllers without need for middle layers of software.  The results are small, tight, fast and reliable HMI, or data acquisition and control applications built on the Microsoft .NET framework.

INGEAR.NET software provides a common framework for developing Windows programs, console applications, system services, custom classes, web services and pages using Visual Studio .NET as the platform.

INGEAR.NET supports Windows x86 and 64-bit operating systems as well as Windows Server and Windows 7.  CimQuest offers Windows Compact Framework editions of INGEAR.NET for CE panel, PDA and mobile device application development.

With virtually no limits, and roughly the price of just a single OPC Server, INGEAR.NET users are granted runtime free distribution of their applications which leads to enormous cost savings in software deployment fees.

INGEAR.NET software titles include;

CimQuest also provides digital dashboard instrumentation and controls for developing user interfaces for HMI/MMI projects.

For more information see (

Free trials are available for download and evaluation.  As a bonus, from now until Dec 15th. CimQuest INGEAR is giving away 3 Netbook computers. Just complete the form to be entered into the drawing.

About CimQuest INGEAR

CimQuest INGEAR is a world leading developer and publisher of software tools and components for industrial and manufacturing applications.  Since 1993, CimQuest INGEAR has provide high quality runtime free PLC communication tools and library components for Visual Studio programmers and developers.  INGEAR software is relied on world-wide by manufacturers, system integrators, OEM’s and end users for process and machine control, data acquisition and HMI/SCADA applications that serve all segments of industrial automation.


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