INGEAR NET.LOGIX v2.0.2010.311 Update

INGEAR NET.LOGIX v2.0.2010.311 Update

INGEAR.NET.LOGIX Visual Studio .NET class library for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix programmable automation controllers has be updated to version 2.0.2010.311 to incorporate the following new features and improvements

  • Improved CIP inactivity timeout behavior
  • Added support for reading ControlLogix/CompactLogix CPU state
  • Controller.GroupRead/GroupWrite reports partial failures
  • TagGroup.ErrorString returns malformed/nonexistent tag names for GroupRead/Write operations
  • Tag.Name property has stricter enforcement of IEC 1131 2.1.2 naming standard
  • Improved STRING data type read/write operation

How to upgrade to NET.LOGIX v2.0.2010.311

  • NET.LOGIX users that have a current NET.LOGIX Maintenance Subscription Plan are eligible for a free software update.
  • NET.LOGIX users that have let their support expire should contact ( or call 1.866.935.797 (Toll Free US / Canada) Tel 1.610.935.8282 for pricing.

> Download NET.LOGIX v2.0.2010.311

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