How It Works


Large corporations to small companies world-wide significantly reduced their software costs by eliminating runtime license fee’s using INGEAR.NET communication tools and Visual Studio .NET.

Unlike OPC, which is a middleware application that presents complex and challenging application developement for .NET programmers. INGEAR.NET is an embedded class library that provides a direct communications pipeline to the controller, making it extremely fast and easy to talk to your PLC without the software overhead or recurring costs of OPC servers.

Purchase a one-time Developers edition license and distribute your programs runtime free.  Your applications developed with INGEAR.NET can run on any Windows machine from XP to Win 10 (32 & 64-bit) including Windows Server, Win 10 Iot Core, Windows Embedded as well as Windows CE for panels and mobile devices.

Our software provides easy-to-use solutions for automation and control programs. Review the steps listed below to learn more about the simple and fast process for using INGEAR drivers.

STEP1 – Add INGEAR libraries to a new or existing Visual Studio .NET Project.

INGEAR provides a direct communication pipeline to the PLC without the need for an OPC server or third party drivers.

STEP2 – Add your code to connect to the PLC then begin reading and  writing values.


The easy-to-use API combined with fast operation makes for quick development. Integrating advanced features such as background scanning, data change notifications, automatic user interface updates and slave operations, transform Visual Studio into a powerful platform for automation projects.

STEP3 – When you’ve completed your application deploy and distribute your programs runtime free.


Because INGEAR is a library and not an application like an OPC Server, we grant you unlimited redistribution for any machine in your production facility.  Join the tens of thousands users that rely on INGEAR for their automation & control programs which have seen their software costs drop significantly, in some cases well into 6 figures.