Visual Studio .NET software update for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix & CompactLogix

INGEAR.NET.LOGIX 2.0 (build 2.0.908) update is available for immediately download.  This update corrects the following problems. STRING data type writes would fail when used in a TagGroup collection.  (i.e Controller.GroupWrite operation) Controller.GroupRead would report all Tag.QualityCode as QUAL_BAD if there were one of more invalid Tag classes...

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INGEAR.NET Book Giveaway – Win a netbook computer

Win a NET Book From now until Dec 15, will be giving away  3 - Acer Aspire One netbook computers.  One lucky winner will be chosen in Oct, Nov and Dec. How do you enter to win? Simply complete our short survey and you're...

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MODBUS .NET 2.1 class library for Visual Studio Developers

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="211" caption="Modbus .NET class library for Visual Studio .NET developers"][/caption] INGEAR.NET.MBLINK 2.1 is available download INGEAR.NET.MBLINK is a Modbus class library for Visual Studio .NET programmers and developers.  NET.MBLINK supports the following Modbus protocols. Modbus TCP/IP Modbus RTU Serial Modbus ASCII Serial Modbus Serial Over Ethernet ( Encapuslated...

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