Allen-Bradley .NET class library for MicroLogix, SLC and PLC-5 Update

Allen-Bradley .NET class library for MicroLogix, SLC and PLC-5 Update

INGEAR.NET.ABLINK Visual Studio .NET class library for Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, SLC and PLC-5 programmable logic controllers has been updated to version 2.1.929.

INGEAR.NET.ABLINK v2.1.929 corrects and improves the following:

  • Added unlimited ASP.NET web service deployment to Developers Edition
  • Corrected problem with GroupRead operation.  If group collection contained Tag(s) with .Length property > 1, an “Index out of Range: exception may occur under certain conditions.
  • Changed internal string conversion from UTF7Encoding to ASCIIEncoding
  • Added Web Service Example

INGEAR.NET.ABLINK is part of a family of class libraries for developing runtime free HMI application using Visual Studio .NET.  For more information see

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