NET.MBLINK 5.0 Release

NET.MBLINK 5.0 Release

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania — June 16, 2016 — CimQuest INGEAR, a leading publisher of runtime-free software development solutions for industrial applications, has introduced a new version of its NET.MBLINK software.  All editions of the company’s NET.MBLINK software contain drivers for Modbus devices and controllers that Visual Studio.NET programmers can use to create HMI (Human Machine Interface) or data collection applications.
NET.MBLINK 5.0NET.MBLINK software provides direct access to Modbus devices via TCP/IP or serial communication methods.  The software does not require third-party components, drivers, APIs or tools such as OPC Servers. This is a dramatic improvement for machine builders in that NET.MBLINK completely eliminates costly runtime fees applied to each unit sold.

NET.MBLINK v5.0 combines Modbus Master and Modbus Server/Slave operations in a single unified driver.

Operating as a master, NET.MBLINK supports the following Modbus functions.  Operating as a server/slave NET.MBLINK supports virtually any Modbus function, including custom functions.

NET.MBLINK v5.0 comes in three versions: Developer Edition, Compact Framework, and Developer Team Edition.  Developer Edition is for designing, creating, and deploying Windows programs, system services and console applications. Compact Framework is for creating programs for devices such as handheld scanners, HMI Panels, PDAs and other devices. Developer Team Edition is for developing automation projects in a Visual Studio.NET team environment.

NET.MBLINK 5.0 supports Visual Studio 2005-2015. Applications developed with NET.MBLINK 5.0 can run on 64 and 32-bit Windows XP to Windows 10, Windows Server 2000 or later, Windows Compact Framework, and Windows Mobile.

Existing NET.MBLINK 4.0 users under current support are eligible to receive version 5.0 as a free upgrade.

NET.MBLINK 5.0 is available for immediate download and free trial.

Visit for pricing and download instructions.

About CimQuest INGEAR

Since 1993, CimQuest INGEAR has been the leading developer of runtime free communication tools and library components for Visual Basic and other programming languages.

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