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PLC Driver Software and Controls for Visual Studio.NET HMI Development


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INGEAR NET.LOGIX 6.0 Direct communication pipeline from Visual Studio.NET to Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SoftLogix & Micro800 series without OPC servers or RSLinx!

• Read/Write any data type including UDT structures
• Upload Symbolic Tag Name List
• Receive Unsolicited Messages (both Read & Write)
• Runtime Free distribution
• Super Fast 6-10ms update rates
• Easy to use & ultra reliable

Runtime Free PLC Software for VB 6.0 / C+ OPC Servers from $329
PLC ActiveX Allen Bradley Allen Bradley PLC ActiveX ingear opc server for allen bradley modbus ge fanuc omron

"...I don't know what you guys are doing exactly with the GroupRead and GroupWrite to optimize the tags traffic, but it works very very well.   I had almost a hundred tags to transact with an AB ControlLogix processor, and it was taking about 400msec to round-trip the reads and writes.   I decided to give your GroupRead/GroupWrite a try, and the round trip time is now under 50msecs.   We have been using INGEAR software for PLC interfacing since around 2003-2004 timeframe, and we don't consider using anything else…" - Larry Roy, Embedded Logix


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